Saturday, May 12, 2007

Review of the Fit For Life Diet

Fit For Life is a diet that truly changed my life. Not only because it helped me to lose weight and get healthy, but because it is actually a diet that is sustainable as a lifestyle change. Most diets are so restrictive, they tell you what to eat, how much to eat, how many calories you can have, how many carbs you can have, etc... These sorts of diets never worked for me. I always hated being restricted on how much I could eat or what I could eat.

With Fit For Life there is no calorie restrictions and you can eat pretty much anything you want. The only difference is that you need to eat those foods at the proper times and in the proper combinations. Doing so will allow you to eat to your hearts content and never worry about gaining weight. No couting calories and no worrying about fat or carbs ever again. This seems like a dream come true for any dieter.

What is suprising to me is this book has been out since the 1980s. I see all these fad diets that have come and gone since then and have not been able to hold up to the stand of time. This program, which worked back in the 1980s is just as effective and powerful today.

With Fit For Life you not only lose the excess weight, but you have more energy. While on it I feel like a little kid, being blessed with boundless amounts of energy and enthusiasm. You will find chronic health conditions starting to disappear as your body detoxifies and cleans out. I cannot say enough great things about the Fit For Life Diet.

Fit For Life is based on the principles of Natural Hygiene. Natural Hygiene is not keeping the outside of your body clean, that is what personal hygiene is for. Instead, Natural Hygiene is about keeping the inside of your body clean. I think many of us neglect the inside of our bodies, keeping no thought to how clean it is or not. You will be suprised at how different you feel once your body does a bit of "spring cleaning" of its own.

The magic of Fit For Life is its natural rythm with our Natural Body Cycles. Each day your body goes through three phases: Elimination, Digestion and Assimilation. Eating the right foods during these times aids the body in doing its job, thus eliminating the need for excess weight and disease. This coupled with proper food combining makes Fit For Life a success.

You can still eat your baked potatoes smothered in butter, your dinner rolls and your salad dressings. You can still enjoy the foods you love, so there is really no sacrificing at all. This is why I absolutley love Fit For Life.

To find out more about Fit For Life, check out the book: Fit For Life by Harvey Diamond


Cynthia said...

I did Fit for Life in Bible College and it worked great. I got out of the habit when I moved to a colder climate. I do tend to pretty much follow it in the warmer months. I should work on getting back into the program. Cynthia

Annette said...

I followed fit for life in the late 80's and lost quite a bit of weight and felt wonderful. I don't know why I went off of it, but I have known in the back of my mind that I need to. I have just ordered the Fit For Life Solution and I am going to get back on it. I know I will feel better and get my weight back off. Thanks for such a great article.

Anonymous said...

I did Fit For Life several years ago. I somehow got away from applying its principles. You have inspired me to get back on the horse.