Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Why I Love Wheatgrass Powder

I consider myself to be an aspiring health nut. I understand the great benefits of wheatgrass juice and wanted to be able to enjoy it when ever I felt like it. I also wanted to reap its benefits with the cost of less than pennies a serving because I have a very limited budget. So when I discovered that NOW Foods had Organic Non-GE Wheatgrass powder I knew I had to try it.

When the wheat grass powder arrived, I immediately noticed how dark and lush the color was. You can't get any darker green than what I had right there in the bag. I moved my wheatgrass from the big 5 lb bag into 2 gallon sized zip-lock freezer bags in order to maintain the highest level of freshness.

I didn't need to worry about it not being "Raw" because it has been grinded and dehydrated at very low temperatures.

The 5 lb bag of powder could easily last me an entire year, which makes it a pretty worthwhile investment.

I mixed the recommended 1 tbsp in water and stirred it up. It tasted better than the wheatgrass I used to get at Jamba Juice. I started adding 2 tablespoons to my morning fruit smoothies and barely even noticed its presence. My kids actually like to drink the wheatgrass in a smoothie which I found pretty remarkable.

One tablespoon of wheat grass powder has the nutritional equivalent of a dark green leafy vegetable salad. So now I wont have to feel guilty for not eating enough greens.

Wheatgrass has a very high amount of chlorophyll which is very similar to the molecules that make up hemoglobin for our blood. This is a great blood builder, which is very important for people who suffer from anemia.

Due to the high nutrient content contained in wheatgrass juice, it helps tremendously with appetite control. My body does not feel deprived so I get hungry less often. Adding it to my fruit smoothies keeps my blood sugar level for longer so I wont feel tempted to eat high sugar foods a few hours later.

Wheatgrass should be a part of everyone's diet. Wheat was designed as the "staff of life" for man and gives us the nutrients that we need to thrive and be truly healthy.

I found an interesting book, "Wheatgrass : Superfood for a New Millennium." It goes in depth about the outstanding nutritive and therapeutic benefits of consuming wheatgrass juice.