Thursday, May 10, 2007

How I am making money online

You asked... I am sharing...
I wanted to write a post about how I am making money online. I currently use three different avenues to make extra money. My husband is losing his job in July due to major seizures and I will need to try and make enough to cover our monthly bills. I cannot afford to waste time or energy on things that are not proven, so that is why there is only 3 ways of making money that I actually use and trust.

NOTICE: I created a seperate blog to keep track of my financial goal of paying off $73k worth of debt by April 2009.
There I include how I am making my extra money along with indepth reviews about each of the programs that I use.
Click here if you want to check it out.


Click here for an extensive review about CashCrate

The second avenue of making money online is my absolute favorite one. It is called CashCrate. This one is really fun to do and is really easy money. If you want to make money online this one is very important. I have done a ton of research online and this one checks out as legit. They pay very well.

Companies need consumers to try and review products, services, and websites and are willing to pay money to have them do so. This is what CashCrate pays us for.

I make sure to stay with the 100% free offers (the ones that don't make me sign up for any trials or things I need to worry about canceling). I also do a lot of surveys there, which bring in nice money.

When you sign up through my link, I have an email that will automatically come to you and explain how everything works and everything I have learned about it.
May Earnings on CashCrate as of May 22nd: $910.19

Associated Content

Click here for an extensive review about Associated Content

The third avenue is Associated Content. This also pays well, but is a bit harder to do because you have to write articles that are a minimum of 400 words each. They pay about $3-$5 usually per article I write. I get writer's block easily and have a hard time coming up with topics, but if you are great at writing... this may be your niche.
May Earnings on Associated Content as of May 22nd: $51.32
(I really need to get my butt in gear and write some more articles)

Join Associated Content

I am sure there may be more money making ideas out there, but I have found these three to be consistent and legitimate. If you want to join any one of them please do so with one of the links provided. Email me if you got any other questions:

My friend Dana is letting me post a picture of one of her CashCrate checks so you can see what they actually look like. I will be posting pics of my own shortly.


mfluderx said...

My earnings on Associated Content, $215.58

My earnings on Mylot, 14 cents.

Susan said...

Actually, I earned almost forty dollars last month with Mylot so it's as good as you make it. If you are a blogger and want to monetize your blog, then check out bloggerwave, payperpost and blogitive to maximize your earning potential with your blog.

D. Ana said...

Those are good places to make some extra money.
I've been making between $30 and $40 with mylot the last few months, so it's not bad.
I will look into cashcrate too.
As for Associated Content it is a pity that is only for US residents. Being in Canada it won't work for me which is sad since it looks like something I would enjoy.

Theresa Sylvester said...

Nice. I am at MyLot although it really isn't much of a money maker. I've made less then a dollar there. I also make money from Associated Content. Just started recently and already made about 200 dollars there. Cash Crate I've never heard of, although I have heard of similar sites. I will check it out.

Anonymous said...

Cashcrate isn't for Canadian's sucks because people really seem to make good money off of it.
How do you people make good money off of mylot?????

Amy Bass said...

Yes CashCrate is for Canadians. =)