Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mono Diets- What Makes the Grape Cure Successful

A mono diet is a diet that consists of only one food for a period of time. If you have ever heard of the grape cure, this is an prime example of a mono diet.

Restricting a person's diet to just one food (usually a fruit), helps a person to detox and heal in a very short amount of time. It is sort of a half way point between regular eating and complete fasting.

Mono-diets work because the body only has to worry about digesting and processing one type of food, so it can spend the rest of its energy in repairing the body.

The grape cure was so successful, not because it was grapes are a miracle food, but because it was a raw food mono-diet. It is not the grapes that heal, but the freedom they allow the body to be able to heal itself.

Digestion uses a huge amount of energy for our bodies to complete each day. When our bodies are already overloaded with junk and toxins, digestion uses up everything we got left, leaving us with little or no energy to work on making ourselves healthier.

Mono-diets provide similar results to fasting, except for the fact that you actually get to eat each day. Diseased tissues and toxins are broken down and the internal cellular environment is cleansed in a mono-diet, just as it does in a fast.

There are some advantages in going Mono instead of fasting. It will lessen the huge detox reactions that can come when fasting alone. This will help you to move at a slightly slower, yet very quick pace towards total detoxification compared to a water fast.

The fact that you can eat each day really helps to alleviate the fears that come with not eating. Many people might freak out by the thought of going 5 days without food, but may not worry too much about going 5 days eating nothing but oranges or bananas. Your ability to keep going on a mono-diet longer than a fast gives it a huge advantage over fasting alone.

Watery fruits, such as grapes work very well with mono-diets, but I have heard of people having success with bananas as well. Choosing the right fruit is important, it has to be something you wouldn't mind eating for several days straight. No point choosing a food you do not love because it would just make the whole experience unenjoyable.