Sunday, May 20, 2007

Why Tanning Beds Can Be Healthy

You can get health benefits from tanning in tanning beds.

When deciding if Tanning Beds are a healthy source of UV rays, one must understand the difference between UVA and UVB rays. UVA rays reach deeper into the skin and cause it to tan, while UVB rays work more on the surface and cause it to burn.

Tanning beds usually give off 93%-99% UVA (tanning) rays, while having very little of the UVB (burning) rays coming down on your skin.

This means you can get a better tan with less time and with less chance of burning than you would from the actual sun.

Tanning bed experts claim that tanning beds are actually safer than the sun itself. This is because tanning beds can be controlled to give the most beneficial rays while limiting the bad ones.

Getting some UV rays on a regular basis is very important to our health.

According to Michael Stepp, a widely-published UV light researcher who is also CEO of Wolff System Technology: "Instead of tanning just for cosmetic reasons, an increasing number of regular tanning bed users have learned that regular, responsible and moderate exposure to UV light from natural or artificial sources, is important to well-being, natural vitamin D production and disease prevention,"

"In addition, regular indoor tanners are becoming increasingly aware that the links between tanning and skin cancer have been brought into question by medical researchers in studies published in the U.S., the UK and Europe."

I do not believe that moderate exposure to UV rays will cause skin cancer, in fact I believe quite the opposite. In my opinion, exposure to fluorescent lighting in combination with a lack of sunlight is what actually causes skin cancer.

Statistics done by Danish scientist Thorwald Madsen show that disease, particularly infectious disease, occurs most frequently during the seasons in which the people get the least amount of sunshine.

He concluded: "The prevalence of disease corresponds to the amount and intensity of the sunshine. The more sunshine, the greater the resistance to disease; the less sunshine, the lower resistance to disease."

Getting UV rays from tanning beds is a great alternative to getting no sunshine at all. The real sunlight is probably the best source to receive the healing rays from the sun, but for people who do not have the time or ability to sunbathe, tanning beds are a great option.

As with all things, tanning beds should be used in moderation. It is a responsible way to get a base tan so you are less likely to burn when outside during your summer activities. Burning is never good for your skin or your body, so make sure to work your way up slowly.