Sunday, May 6, 2007

Changing the 100/7 Diet Plan to an 80% Plan

I decided to rearrange my diet after all the comments I got about my 100/7 diet plan. You can read those comments here.

Basically my readers determined that the span of 100% raw to adding cooked would be too much for my body to handle.

I have been doing some research on the long term viability of a 100% raw food diet and decided that I didn't want to be a 100% raw foodist for the rest of my life.

I love the raw food diet and I know the healing, weight loss and cleansing power that it brings. I want to enjoy many of the benefits raw foods bring, but I don't want to put a strict dogmatic set of rules around myself so that I feel trapped.

I compromised and set up a different plan for myself. One that isn't so strict, but will still allow me to be healthy and fruitful.

As of Monday May 07, 2007 I am changing to an 80% raw food diet. I plan to stick with all 100% raw foods for breakfast and lunch, then have a healthy cooked dinner with salad.

I am going to use Fit For Life as my guideline on food combining and diet to make sure the cooked meals remain healthy.

It was discovering fit for life that got me on this journey for health in the first place. The book literally changed my life and I will never be the same person again after having read it.

I guess I got caught thinking that things needed to be more complicated than fit for life in order to work. What I didn't remember was that I just needed to keep things simple for my life and in doing so, I will acheive greater health.

The Principles behind Fit For Life are simple, yet very effective. It combines a high raw diet (they suggest at least 70%) with proper food combining and eating at the right times of the day to achieve optimum health.

The Fit For Life book goes through the fact that diets don't work. It also explains the basis of Natural Hygiene, which is the foundation of Fit For Life.

The book also tells about the body's natural cycles and how to use it to keep yourself healthy. Every day your body goes through an elimination, digestion, and assimilation periods and eating the wrong things during these times causes us to gain weight.

It stresses the importance of a High-Water-Content (raw) diet and also goes in depth about proper food combining. What is nice about Fit For Life, is the fact that you have no restriction on how much you eat. No counting calories and no portion control. You truly do have a lot of freedom, so long as you combine properly and eat at the right times.

Fit For Life is my new diet bible and I highly recommend that everyone pick up a copy and read it.

I am going to keep my diet diary going so you can see how this new way of eating effects my health, weight, and my life. You will also be able to see how easy it is to eat a fit for life diet.


Anonymous said...

Hi Amy,
awwwww please don't feel that way.
you're doing really well 80% is really good!!
btw I love your blog
I loved reading about full spectrun lighting and am wanting to start switching over to it too. I have lots of health problems my system is very weak. Its really good for me to be able to read things that can help like that.
Good luck with diet
I hope everythign goes really well for you

Anonymous said...

Amy readjusting your expectations is not failure. Too often people dive into 100% as a form of perfectionism - and sometimes that gives the body a huge shock, and the stress of totally changing ones habits can cause a lot of stress which can result in binging on junk - better an 80% raw diet that you maintain consistently. and you may discover yourself going even more raw after you are stable on 80%

I like fit for life as well - tho my understanding is htat digestion is stronggest at midday, so my philosphy is to eat my cooked meal at lunch -that is also when I'm out and about and need to rely on restaurants. I prefer something lighter in the evening so that my stomach is empty for assimilation/elimination phases -

Anonymous said...

I agree. you're not a failure. i think the ones who are successful have failed but they always had hope. Eventually you'll get there.

Anonymous said...

No way should you feel like a faliure.
I have noticed recently that some people who seem to be doing well raw have got into herbal teas of various different types. Herbal teas have to be the least heavy or damaged cooked food going I feel and could have some benefits perhaps, not sure(i'm still learning and experimenting about this).

Anonymous said...

I went through that for years and the advice I could give would be to control the cooked food you're eating, don't let it control you. When I was striving to be 100% raw when I would fall off I would just eat anything. A lot of the raw books make you feel like if you're eating steamed vegetables you might as well be at McDonald's. Now, I make cooked food intentionally, and make it the very best I can. I make soups and steamed vegetables and things cooked at low temperature, and I don't go off and binge on bad stuff anymore.

Lastly I'd like to point out that the "perfect" diet is not yet arrived upon. It's nice to imagine that the raw authors know everything and you just have to do what they tell you, but sometimes people do just that and get sick and don't get better. I'd say half of the authors don't follow their original diet regimens anymore, or never did, yet you can still get their book and read it likes it's gospel. What's best for you is still to be found, it's up in the air, and it's only going to give you negative feelings to compare what you're doing to a made up set of rules.