Friday, April 27, 2007

Healing Effects of Full Spectrum Lighting

Who would have thought that the light bulbs you put in your home could have a huge affect on your health? Depending on the lighting you choose, there can be serious health consequences. The two sides of this equation are fluorescent lighting, which leads to cancer and disease and the other being full spectrum lighting, which leads to better health.

Our bodies depend on sunlight, in fact it is a necessary nutrient for good health and disease prevention. In order to keep from having a sunlight deficiency, we need to get about an hour of sunshine every day. Full spectrum lighting gives us the same benefits of sunlight right in our own homes. This is especially important for people who do not get outside much during the day.

Benefits of full spectrum lighting

- Strengthening of the immune system, meaning you are less likely to get sick.

- Lowering effect on blood pressure.

- Improving your mood, there is just something about sunshine that makes us all feel better.

- Greater mental awareness and productivity, this is why full spectrum lighting would work great in an office. As opposed to fluorescent lighting, which lowers productivity and causes people headaches.

- Better vision and color perception. Full spectrum lighting has all the colors of the rainbow in it, adding a lot more depth to your vision.

- Better sleep, by helping to regulate your body's inner clock and helping to stabilize the melatonin and serotonin levels in the brain.

- Experience more energy, we all get a bit of solar energy from sunlight.

During the winter, full spectrum lighting cures seasonal mood disorder, which is caused directly by a lack of sunlight. I cannot stress enough how important it is to use full spectrum lighting where ever you can. Sunlight has some amazing healing qualities and it is wonderful to know that we can simulate this healing power indoors.

When our body is deficient in sunlight, it has an affect on the part of our brain that controls our hormones, emotions and the ability to handle stress. We start to become more irritable and more anxious as we deny ourselves the sunlight our body is craving. Sunlight starvation eventually will lead towards disease. All these problems are completely preventable with adequate sunlight and full spectrum lighting in our homes.

Where to buy full spectrum light bulbs

Click here for a huge variety of full spectrum light bulbs at great prices: Full Spectrum Light Bulbs. I wanted to add that full spectrum light bulbs last 6-7x longer than regular light bulbs so are certainly worth the investment in buying.

For more information about the health dangers of fluorescent lighting, see my article "How Fluorescent Lighting Puts You At Risk For Skin Cancer."