Sunday, May 13, 2007

Raw Food Diet Diary Day 21- May 13, 2007

7:00 AM- I ate an entire package of raisins for breakfast. We did not go to the grocery store yesterday because we thought it would be best to stretch out what food we currently have for an extra two days in order to save money.

It is going to be a bit difficult, but not impossible to follow a good diet while trying to save money. I am determined to make it work though. We have set a financial goal to pay off $72,900 worth of debt over the next two years, so I will be working very hard and cutting costs whereever possible. You can check out the blog I set up to track my financial goal progress here.

10:30 AM- I ate some raisins, while working on the computer.

2:30 PM- For lunch I had two avocadoe and lettuce sandwiches. I absolutley love avocados!

5:00 PM- I had beans and lettuce for dinner. We still have not gone to the grocery store yet so my options were a bit limited.

Didn't think about food until about 9:30 PM when I discovered I was really hungry. I know in Fit For Life you are not supposed to eat after 8 at night so I decided to compromise and just eat an apple.

I noticed that eating cooked foods is actually not nearly as exciting as thinking up my next raw meal was. I think I may start to drift back more towards the raw food diet over time as I am starting to find raw foods more appealing than cooked.