Monday, May 14, 2007

End of Week 3 Results and End of Daily Diary

I decided that I am not going to post my daily food diary anymore. I have quite a bit on my plate right now with the baby almost being due, my husband losing his job, preparing to move and also trying to earn money to get out of debt.

I am going to keep going with my Fit For Life diet and will continue to post weekly results of my progress.

I will also continue to write health articles because it is a subject I am very passionate about and I want to share my thoughts and opinions with others.

Week 3 End Results

I didn't do very well this week. I had a lot of slip ups in my diet and didn't eat as much raw foods as I wanted to. I am committing to do better in week 4.

Weight: 153.5 lbs (2 lbs more than last week) (still 4 lbs less than when I started)
Adding the cooked foods back to my diet caused me to go up a bit. I beleive as I creep back up towards 80%-90% raw I will see my weight stablize and start slowly going back down.

Complexion: I notice that I am breaking out a little here and there. I haven't been as healthy as I wanted to this week.

Skin: My skin is not as soft as it was last week. I hope this will get better as I go more raw in my diet.

Bowel Movements: Still the same as last week.

Eyes: I haven't really noticed any difference.

Teeth & Gums:
No noticeable difference.

Physical Wellbeing: The heavier I eat the less energy I have.

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Jgunn said...

Hey hun :) well im gonna miss yer daily updates but its good that you recognize your priorities and as writing is your passion that should be your main thing, you have alot of interesting things to say .

dont worry about the slip ups , i was on a website yesterday and saw somehting that made me chuckle was about slipping up on the raw diet ..

this person asked well if im on day 20 of 30 days raw and i slip up am i back to day 1??

the other person said .. if you are taking a train to washington from new york and you fall off the train halway there .. are you back in new york?!?!

haha i thought that was very profound .. simple but profound :) i think it echos that little fear in all of us ..that if we dont get it all PERFECT the first time we gte so hard down on ourselves its harder to continue the journey

anyhoo gotta run will keep checkin in on ya hun:)