Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Raw Food Diet Diary Day 16- May 8, 2007

8:00 PM- I got up and got on the scale. I wanted to see if eating some cooked foods in my diet would cause me to gain weight. Suprisingly, I have not gained an ounce. I am still at 151.5 lbs. I attribute that to the correct food combining via Fit For Life.

12:00 PM- I had leftover roasted garlic pasta and salad with italian dressing and crutons. I wish there was more pasta, but there was only a little bit left. I had a little treat after lunch, some mini powdered doughnuts. Yes, they weren't healthy, but at least I kept a good combination in accordance with Fit For Life.

3:00 PM- Had a bowl of refried beans with diced tomato and green chilies. We had tortillas in the fridge, but I couldnt' use them with the beans because it wouldn't be a good combination and it wouldn't digest properly.

5:45 PM- I recieved a phone call that my aunt died today from her cancer. I am pretty devastated and angry. So angry in fact that I had to write a seperate post about it to fully explain myself.

6:00 PM- Decided I was just going to eat some fruit for dinner. I don't have much of an appetite right now. I have way too much on my mind concerning my aunt.