Thursday, May 10, 2007

Raw Food Diet Diary Day 18- May 10, 2007

9:00 AM- Woke up and had a pear for breakfast. I am trying to eat lighter today than I did yesterday.

11:30 AM- Feeling a bit hungry, but can only have fruit till noon so I had a banana to hold me over until lunch time.

12:00 PM- For lunch I made two lettuce and tomato sandwiches. They were very good and I didn't feel tired at all afterwards. I think pasta is just way too heavy on my system. Sandwiches are much better for me and easier to make!

2:30 PM- Wanted to check in and say that I am not feeling tired like I was yesterday. Eating lighter made a huge difference. I am going to keep my raw intake high so I can maintain my energy. I hate feeling depleted.

I really like the "adding" concept of the raw food diet. Where instead of cutting out all your cooked foods right away, you slowly add more and more healthy foods. That leaves you without the opportunity to add very much cooked. Here is a nice little you tube video about the "adding" concept:

6:00 PM- I ate a bit of dry cereal. I am running low on fruit and really need to go grocery shopping. Today has been a good day overall. I haven't felt too tired and was able to take care of the kids and do some work online to make some grocery money.