Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Raw Food Diet Diary Day 17- May 9, 2007

9:00 AM- I have been feeling guilty about my lack of greens so I made a green smoothie for breakfast. It had bananas, an orange, pineapple, wheatgrass powder and maca root.

I don't think I have been 80% raw the past few days. I think I was eating more like 60% raw so I am changing that today and adjusting upwards in my raw food intake again.

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Now getting back to what my blog is really about, health...

12:30 PM- Made a lunch of pasta with salad and a few breadsticks. Yes, you can eat this meal on Fit For Life.

3:30 PM- Had two bananas for a snack. I found myself really tired after eating lunch. I think I overate. I really need to watch how much I eat when I eat cooked foods because it is so much denser and sits heavier in my gut. I really hate feeling tired.

4:00 PM- I had to go and take a 30 minute nap because I was so tired. I really think I ate too much at lunch.

6:00 PM- For dinner I had a tomato sandwich. It filled me up quite nicely and it was light, which makes me feel good.

I have been doing a bit of trial and error the past couple of days on the fit for life diet. I now know I need to increase my raw intake and eat lighter. Even though fit for life doesn't put portion control as a requirement, I still think they meant for us to only eat enough to be satisified and nothing more.