Sunday, May 6, 2007

Raw Food Diet Diary Day 14- May 6, 2007

9:30 AM- I am feeling really hungry this morning. I was going to make a smoothie, but I discovered my blender was realy dirty so I had to stick it in the dishwasher. I ate 3 bananas to hold me over.

11:45 PM- I really feel as though I am starting to lose my traction. I feel EXTREMLEY bored with my lack of variety. I eat the same exact same meals day in and day out and it is starting to wear thin on me.

I cannot afford to go order a bunch of different foods online and there are no health food stores anywhere near me. Ugh, I don't want to quit eating this way because I feel so good.

I have gotten to the point of apathy towards my meals. I don't want to eat the same things, yet there is nothing cooked I really want to eat either because I know it will make me feel horrible.

I truly envy other raw foodists who have access to health food stores and farmers markets. I would be in heaven at a healt food store right now.

11:45 PM- Had two sandwiches made of sprouted bread, tomato and lettuce.

I have been reading all the comments on my 100/7 raw food diet plan and it really got me thinking. Maybe that is too long of a stretch to go without eating any bits of cooked food at all.

3:00 PM- My husband made Indian Fry Bread with Chili beans and I had one of them. Yes, I know it wasn't raw. I plan to hop right back on track now. I think I am going to give myself a break and be satisified with an 80% raw diet, because I have really been restricting myself quite a bit.

I love the raw food diet and I plan to continue on it on an 80% raw basis. I think I will still be able to get *most* of the benefits of a raw foodist by doing this.

I am going to be using Fit For Life as my diet bible.

4:30 PM- Got out my Fit For Life book and began re-reading it. Afterall, if I am going to be using this as my handbook for health I need to refresh my mind and understand and remember every bit of it.

I do know that the indian fry bread with the beans is definetly not good food combining according to a fit for life diet, so I will not be eating anything like that anymore. I am going to be very calculated and careful about the meals that I do eat because I want to follow the plan with exactness to achieve all the great results I am looking for.

I am almost afraid to post all of this on my blog because I don't want people to say: "Oh look, she was too weak to stick with a 100% raw diet." I really hate to dissapoint people and being the perfectionist that I am, this is very hard for me.

6:45 PM- Started suffering from heartburn again this evening. I decided for dinner I was going to stick all raw. So I made a banana and pumpkin seed butter smoothie.

I really look forward to starting on my new diet plan tommorrow.

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Flanny said...

Please don't feel discouraged. I'm having the same problems. Many people work better transitioning themselves over. I'm having a hard time myself. Even my Dreams are obsessing about it.

I think you should do what works for you and your personality. If you feel you can stick with 100% raw then you do that. If you feel transitioning works best for you then you do that.

I think you've done wonderfully to go as strong as you have for as long as you have. You're a great person for everything you've achieved. If it's time to change your battle plan in order to continue success then that's what you do.

I'll pray for you that you achieve your goals. It's your life and this is for your health. Emotional and mental well being is part of that health.

If you do feel the need to add some cooked into your diet, I've heard that unprocessed rice helps curb both symptoms of detox along with the intensity of the cravings.

I know you can do this. You have it in you. You just have to follow your heart and do it in a fashion that works best for you.

God Bless and Good Luck.

Greenmama said...

Your blog is helpful to many people because it shows the many feelings one must face when deciding to eat differently than "everyone else."

There is no perfect person (or rather, we are all perfectly imperfect).

Don't feel like you have to live up to anyone else's expectations or some ideal of a perfect person.

All the best to you,