Sunday, April 22, 2007

Blogging my Raw Food Journey

This is my first experience with a blog so we will see how this goes. I want to change the way I eat and I want to move towards health freedom through diet and exercise.

My end goal is to be a raw foodist with the exception of also eating sprouted wheat breads because I feel strongly about sprouted wheat.

My 100 Day Commitment

I am committed to 100 days on the raw food diet, possibly longer. The reason why I am only stating 100 days at the begninning is because I may see myself adding small amounts of cooked foods in the future for special occasions. They would obviously be sparingly (less than one cooked meal a week). Knowing this coming in keeps me from feeling like I will "never" be able to go to a certain resturant or have a certain dish again.

The 100 days of pure raw food diet is important, because this will give my body time to heal and detox. This will also help me to establish habits which will carry on with me for the rest of my life.

More About Me

I have known about raw foods since 2001 and tried going on a stictly raw diet in the past but have never made it past 4 days. I am determined to go all the way this time and setting up this blog is giving me the responsiblity to follow through.

I am also currently 29 weeks pregnant with my 4th child and really want to get my diet cleaned up in time for the birth in July of 2007.

My husband is currently in the Military and has been diagnosed with Epilepsy (grand-mal seizures). So they are planning to chapter him out in July after the baby is born.

How is my diet now? Well, it is certainly not a very good one. I have been close to being vegan, but eat some cheese now and again. I am also currently eating a highly processed and high sugar diet, which I know is not good for me.

I am scared to go and do a weigh-in. I know it will be scewed somewhat considering I am 29 weeks pregnant, but I do want a basis to work from. Since it is already late afternoon I think it would be best for me to just start with weighing myself tommorrow morning.

Besides writing here, I have also been writing part time for Associated Content. I have written several articles about health, you can view all of my articles here