Friday, April 27, 2007

Raw Food Diet Diary Day 5- April 27, 2007

7:30 AM- Woke up feeling great this morning. Had a granny smith apple for breakfast since my Master Cleanse drinks are all gone. I need to make some more today.

9:30 AM- Worked out for a while on my Stamina Magnetic Resistance Recumbent Bike. It does a very good job considering it was so cheap to buy. It feels really good to exercise again. To be honest this is the first time I have exercised for months. I just haven't had the energy to anything in the past. I was able to get on the bike this time and work out while watching Winnie the Pooh with my son.

After working out on the bike, I made a smoothie of 3 banana, 2 oranges, 3 tbsp of wheatgrass powder and 1 tbsp of maca root. That smoothie has sort of become the staple of my diet. It has pretty much everything my body needs. All it takes is a bit of supplementing with variety in the rest of my meals and I am covered as far as amino acids, vitamins and minerals go.

12:00 PM- Been snacking in baby-cut carrots this afternoon. I am sort of bored of smoothies right now so I thought i'd go for a vegetable lunch. My husband and kids are eating pasta and breadsticks for lunch which is a bit tempting, but I am determined not to give in.

2:15 PM- Had an apple cider vinegar drink. It gave me a nice boost of energy and I am feeling really good.

4:15 PM- Started feeling very hungry and wanted to eat something substatial. So of course I turned to my favorite treat in the world: A banana & pumpkin seed butter smoothie. I also added a tablespoon of wheatgrass powder to it as well. This smoothie is the one that always bails me out when I start feeling like giving up on eating this way. It satisfies me more than any cooked meal ever could.

6:00 PM- I have having an intense craving for bread. It is almost turning into an obsession right now because I cannot think of anything else. I said from the beginning that I felt strongly about sprouted wheat and that it should be included in my diet, but unfortunatley there are no health food stores around here to buy some sprouted grain bread from. That means I just need to hold off for now and try to occupy my mind with something else.

Although sprouted grain bread isn't technically 100% raw, it is one item I need in my diet if I am going to do this long-term without back sliding. I can probably go without any of it for a month or two, but I wont be able to go years on this diet unless I can have my sprouted grains included. I did find a place on the internet that sells sprouted grain breads, bagels & tortillas online, but the shipping is very expensive so I have to really consider if it is worth buying or not. The website is and they seem to be my only online option.

I told myself that if I still felt this strongly on sunday about the sprouted bread that I will place an order then. I am not sure if this is my body talking or just a craving, so waiting till sunday will help me to look at this from a different perspective. If anyone has any encouragement or a new insight on what I am experiencing right now, it would be great if you would post a comment.

6:30 PM- I ate a couple of bananas and now feel much better than I did earlier. My obsession has finally left me and now I can analyze what I experienced without being caught up in emotion.

The reasoning I have for wanting to include the sprouted grains in my diet is purely religious. Biblically, wheat is the "staff of life" for man. In the long-term of things I don't want to completley stop consuming something that God put on earth specifically for man to eat. Other than religious reasons, I do not have any other facts to go off of. It just feels "right" to me.

However, while detoxifying my body, it may be best for me to avoid it all together. This will give my body a chance to clean out and heal and then after that is completed I can slowly start to add sprouted grains back into my diet. This will have to be decided on with time and how I feel without the grains.

7:45 PM- Ate a pear as my last meal of the day. I am not very hungery tonight. I have a lot on my mind to think about on the sprouted wheat/grain issue. I would love to hear anyones thoughts on it.