Saturday, April 28, 2007

Raw Food Diet Diary Day 6- April 28, 2007

Today I am officially 30 weeks pregnant!

9:15 AM- Wow I really slept in today. I started having some really crazy dreams last night. I usually never remember my dreams, but these ones I remember vividly. I am going to go make some breakfast and will be back to update...

9:45 AM- Had a master cleanse for breakfast. I really love these drinks because they make me feel so refreshed and clean on the inside. I always try and make it as spicy as I can handle so that the cayenne can work its magic.

10:45 AM- Went tanning for 9 minutes today. I am working my minutes up slowly. I am not really in a location where I can sunbathe so this is my best option for getting some rays.

12:30 PM- We went to the grocery store and I actually found sprouted bread there. I was incredibly suprised to find it! So I bought two loaves and thought i'd try it out this week and see if I like it. It is my son's birthday party tonight so we bought him pizza and doughnuts. I am remaining true to my diet and having a master cleanse drink for lunch. Although I will admit that I was about an inch away from eating a chocolate doughnut, but I knew it wouldn't do me any good.

1:45 PM- For lunch I made a big smoothie for me and my husband to share. It was made of bananas, oranges, pineapple, wheatgrass and maca root.

3:00 PM- This is my first meal using sprouted wheat bread. I took 2 slices of the bread and stuck it in the toaster just long enough to get warm. Then I put huge slices of tomatoe on it. I didn't use any condiments or dressings, just simply the bread and the tomatoes. It tasted fantastic!

6:00 PM- Enjoyed a nice banana and hemp seed smoothie. Hemp seeds truly are a wonder food. They are full of essential fatty acids and have tons of protien.

Overall, I am very proud of myself today. I resisted all the temptations that were literally right in front of me and I stuck to my diet. If I can resist cheese pizza and chocolate doughnuts, I can resist anything.


RN Someday said...

Hi amy - I linked up to your blog from LLNOE. I am a massage therapist and also a nursing student. I'm familiar with all that you are writing about. I am just curious about the tanning though. If you are on a journey to health, I have always heard tanning beds are bad for us. Do you know if that is true? Thanks - Gina

Amy Bass said...

Gina- I am a HUGE fan of sun bathing and do not look at the sun as an enemy. Tanning is definetly not nearly as beneficial as the real sun, but it is my only choice for now.
I do not believe that UV rays in moderation are bad for us, in fact I believe they are necessary for great health.
Of course with all good things, it can be damaging if used to excess.
I will be going in depth about the benefits of sunbathing next week in my blog, and will also be showing how to do it properly.