Sunday, April 29, 2007

Raw Food Diet Diary Day 7- April 29, 2007

8:30 AM- Woke up and had half a glass of master cleanse. I would have had more, but that is all that was left over from what I made the other day. Feel really good this morning, not groggy or tired at all.

9:45 AM- I have been eating green grapes while working on a new menu to organize my blog. I now have it separated between articles, reviews and my raw food diary so that everyone can more quickly find what they are looking for.

11:15 AM- My Husband and I had a smoothie of bananas, oranges, pineapple, wheatgrass powder and maca root. He started the raw food diet with me yesterday, but he is getting very frustrated at our lack of variety. We don't have any health food stores or farmers markets anywhere near us and we only have one grocery store, so our choices are very limited on what we can buy.

1:00 PM- Made a sandwich out of 2 pieces of organic sprouted grain bread and a slice of tomatoe. There was nothing else on the sandwich, no condiments or dressings. Very plain, yet very satisfying.

1:30 PM- I have been looking up raw food videos on youtube and one story that really inspires me is the transformation of Angela Stokes who went from 300 lbs to 140 lbs on the raw food diet and completley cured her hypothyroidism. You can view her video here:

3:00 PM- Had an apple cider vinegar drink. They really don't taste that bad. I really enjoy the nice energy boost I experience when drinking it.

3:45 PM- Eating apples as a snack.

6:00 PM- Had my favorite dinner smoothie made of bananas, pumpkin seed butter and lots of ice to make it nice and slushy.

I have officially stuck with my raw food diet for an entire week now. Feeling really good about my accomplishment. Tommorrow morning I get to do my official weigh-in and look at how I have improved over the week.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your journey into raw foods. A caution, though - right now, you are consuming mostly fruit. Almost all fruit is high in sugar, and this can cause problems of its own. Please consider adding many more vegetables, particularly GREEN vegetables into your diet. If you can eventually get a juicer, you can "juice" your greens. Even carrots are considered high sugar content (many people drink carrot juice night and day). This may explain why you haven't had more detox symptoms. Slowly ease into more veggies, and keep your fruit intake fairly low.

Are you familiar with the Hallelujah Acres diet? You might want to check out the website. They advise eating 15% cooked foods (which would allow your sprouted bread), but 85% raw (mostly veggies).

Good luck!

Amy Bass said...

Thank you for the advice. I do plan to get more greens in my diet. I am trying to add as much wheatgrass as I can to my smoothies. I guess I can up that a bit more and also add some alfalfa powder. I think I will start doing that.
I will also look into that website you showed me. Thanks, Amy