Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Truth about Germs

Germs are surprisingly very neutral. They can do absolutely nothing to healthy living tissues in our bodies. It does not even really matter what germs we come in contact with. Ever wonder why several people can be around the same germs, but only a few of those people get sick while the rest remain healthy?

Germs and other microorganisms can only feed on dead tissue in the body. The tissues in our bodies start to die as the pH balance of our bodies becomes too acidic. The acidic environment of an unhealthy body gives the germs freedom to feed and grow.

The Germ Theory was developed by Louis Pasteur, who admitted near the end of his life that the theory was in fact a fraud. He even said it was not the germs which were the problem of disease, but the medium in which they lived. Even though Pasteur recanted on his Germ Theory, it is still widely used today as fact in the medical field.

Many people are resistant to considering the fallacy in the Germ Theory. Think about it, isn't it much easier to blame germs for your sickness than to take personal responsibility for how you have been treating your heath? We certainly cannot tell someone who is sick with the flu that they are responsible right? Lets just blame it on those mean germs that are out to get us.

In the acidic state of an unhealthy body, germs can quickly mutate into other more dangerous and even deadly pathogens. It is important that we are proactive in our diets and work on developing a natural pH balance in our bodies that is more alkaline so the germs we come in contact with will not be able to grow or mutate.

A healthy body is alkaline in nature with a pH of 7.2-7.6 (7.0 being neutral). A variation too far in either direction makes a person vulnerable to disease. The more acidic the pH of your body, the higher your chances of death because the body actually starts to die off.

Acid Forming Foods

Generally, anything cooked or processed with be acid forming in the body, the worst of these would be all animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy. Some people are under the false impression that milk is an alkaline food, it is not.

Alkaline Forming Foods

Raw fruits and veggies are alkaline forming. Even acidic tasting fruits such as pineapples are alkaline forming in the body. Don't be mistaken and think that fruit juices are alkaline, if they have been cooked they turn acidic and are no good for the body. In fact, lemons, which is the fruit that tastes the most acidic, is one of the most alkalinizing foods you can consume.

Testing your own pH levels

You can easily test your own body's own pH balance with pH testing paper. You can read about and buy pH testing paper here.

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